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a small company with some big ideas


greetings from California’s beautiful and fertile Salinas Valley (pop. 156,259)!

here, a small band of hard-working folks – you know us as organicgirl! – constantly strive to offer the very best organic produce available.

(we’re not all girls, by the way. it’s spirit and attitude that inspired our name.)

since 2007 we set out to change our industry, dedicating ourselves to finding better ways to grow, package and deliver a wide variety of premium greens. greens full of flavor and loaded with personality (like us!).

and we’re forever challenging ourselves to create new, fresh ideas for great tasting food and most ingeniously combined organic ingredients.

and then there are all those scrumptious recipes (inspired by organicgirl lovers from all over!) that we hope you’ll try.

here at organicgirl, we’re a community of people who love to live and eat well, and share what we make with others. if that sounds familiar, then we invite you to join us.

welcome to the world of organicgirl!

og clamshell salad box

100% organic all our products are USDA certified and have been since our beginnings.

unbelievable taste we use only simple, fresh ingredients for the best flavor.

premium quality our good clean greens are made superior to industry standards.

reap sow repeat we use whole fruits and vegetables and carefully select our seeds to ensure both freshness and deliciousness!

100% recyclable all of our salad clamshells are made of 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable!

triple washed! our greens are washed three times... just open, eat and enjoy!

dietary choice all of our products are gluten free, non-gmo and totally vegetarian.