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Organicgirl on Recycling Organicgirl on Recycling

plastic is a problem

there’s just no greenwashing that fact. yet there’s currently no better material for safely protecting and transporting organicgirl greens and preserving their freshness. but here’s something you should know:


organicgirl uses only #1 PET (polyethylele terephthalate), the most recyclable plastic available and the most accepted plastic by recycling facilities.

even better, our plastic clamshells are #1rPET. that little ‘r’ has huge implications. it means our clamshells are made of 100% recycled PET water bottles so only repurposed plastic goes into the making of our clamshells.

that’s why they call it a cycle! geddit? here’s what an unbroken re-cycle looks like:

clamshell bowl
bottle clamshell bowl bottle

organicgirl clamshells begin life as 100% recycled plastic water bottles

clamshell bowl green leaves

your good clean greens, protected in our sturdy clamshells, are shipped to stores

green salad bowel clamshell bowl

after enjoying your good clean greens, rinse your clamshell, remove the label as best you can

bin clamshell bowl

then deposit in the proper recycling bin*

Recycling Truck

*no curbside pickup?

not sure where to deposit your organicgirl clamshells?

recycle factory clamshell bowl

clamshells are delivered to recycling facilities where they're reclaimed, recycled, extruded…

skateboard case clamshell bowl jacket glasses

…and repurposed into lots of cool new things… like more clamshells!

watch the clamshell process at a real recycling plant

but recyclable clamshells are only great if they’re actually recycled. and there are plenty of obstacles to that!

  • not all municipalities provide curbside pickup of recyclables
  • some recycling drop-offs only accept bottles
  • finding a recycling facility can be a hassle

though organicgirl’s a tiny voice in the world of recycling, we're making a big effort to ensure our clamshells get recycled and don’t wind up in landfills.

for one thing, we’ve teamed up with Earth911, to help you find a recycling facility near you.

but wait, there’s more!
we’ve teamed our clamshell manufacturer with Earth911 to identify recyclers where they can buy back recycled clamshells to help make future rPET ones.

PET Bale Close-up with Oragnic Girl Packaging

we know you have questions

because we hear from you all the time. (and we love that, by the way!) here are some of the most common, along with some answers.

why don’t you package your greens in biodegradable material?
compostable plastic, or PLA (#7), doesn’t break down naturally and must undergo a specialized process in order to degrade. so it’s only accepted by industrial composters. (don’t try this at home!) of all recycling facilities across the US, only 4% accept PLA #7 versus 60% for #1PET clamshells. we decided it’s better to have our clamshells recycled than use another material that will only wind up in landfills.

are you doing anything to reduce the amount of plastic that you use?
we are always trying to improve our packaging solutions. we’ve worked with our manufacturers to reduce the plastic in each clamshell and our 3-pack bag over the last couple years. we are continuing to research and test new materials for our labels and clamshells that are more eco-friendly and still keep our greens safe and fresh.

why can’t you package your greens in cardboard?
cardboard is not able to withstand the cold supply chain. cardboard can collect moisture, grow moldy and break down in the shipping process. you can imagine what that would do to your good clean greens!

any cool and clever ideas on how to reuse your packaging?
lots! check them out.

what can I do if I don’t have curbside recycling service available?
good question! visit organicgirl at Earth911 where you can find a #1PET recycler near you.

what's the best way to prepare a clamshell for recycling?
most recyclers don’t have the equipment or time to clean out soiled clamshells. instead, they just discard them. there are two things you can do to ensure your organicgirl clamshell stays in the cycle: a) clean thoroughly and dry your clamshell; b) remove as much of the sticker as possible.

instead of clamshells, why not use bags?
plastic bags are among the least recyclable of all plastic products. for one thing, they jam up recycling processing machinery. in fact, more and more states, from California to New York, are banning them altogether. even clamshells wrapped in plastic bags get discarded. for now, properly discarded #1 PET plastic clamshells are our best option.