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Recycling Together, what we can do together.

Recycling Together Recycling Together
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recycling is hard

but it’s totally worth the effort!

what if we all came together to close the recycling gap between the production of organicgirl’s clamshells and their disposal? what if we could close that gap, putting used clamshells to use rather than relegating them to landfills?

we were wondering that, too!


that’s why organicgirl has teamed up with Earth911, your one-stop resource for all things recycling. here you’ll discover timely sustainability inspirations, as well as learn how and where to recycle organicgirl’s clamshells.

multi lettuce
hearts bag

about those 3-pack bags

we’ll admit it. the plastic we use to package our 3-pack hearts of romaine is not easily recyclable. but right now they’re our best option. so we’ve partnered with TerraCycle. they take our hard-to-recycle bags and transform them into cool, new stuff.


here's where you come in


through organicgirl's r3 program, you can earn awesome rewards! send us your empty bags, we forward them to TerraCycle to do their magic, and send you a neat thank-you, like more organicgirl's greens!

here's how it works:

  1. 1 enjoy delicious organicgirl hearts of romaine
  2. 2 return your used organicgirl hearts of romaine bags to us
  3. 3 we send you free organicgirl goodies to enjoy!
  1. 4 be satisfied knowing you did something good for the environment
  2. 5 just eat and repeat
one lettuce

welcome to repurpose plaza

organicgirl lovers love sharing their ideas on repurposing our clamshells. peruse away for great ideas from fancy crafts to practical functionality. use them to grow herb gardens, plant succulents, wrap gifts, pack food for picnics or backpacking trips, store office supplies and toys! please share your ideas with the organicgirl community on our facebook and instagram pages.


the search for better packaging continues

that means we’ve all got to do our part. got any suggestions? we’re always happy to hear from you!

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