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oysters rockefeller


oysters rockefeller

these oysters rockefeller are topped with an organic girl baby spinach, pancetta and breadcrumb mixture that is elegant but simple. perfect for cocktail parties or holidays.

prep time: 20 minutes | cook time: 13 minutes

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12 oysters

12 oysters, shucked on the half shell
1/4 cup yellow onion, small dice
2 oz pancetta, finely chopped
3oz organicgirl baby spinach, rough chop
2 oz pancetta, finely chopped
1/4 cup italian style bread crumbs
1/3 cup grated pecorino cheese
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 cup evoo, divided
splash of white wine, optional


1. preheat oven to 450.

2. add 1 1/2 tbsp evoo to pan over medium heat. sauté onions until translucent.

3. then add pancetta to onions. sauté together until both onion and pancetta begin to get golden brown. approximately 4-5 minutes.

4. add spinach to pan and let the spinach wilt and get coated with pan juices, 1-2 minutes. remove from heat and allow to cool in a small bowl.

5. add bread crumbs, pecorino, lemon juice and remaining evoo.

6. place oysters shell side down in a baking pan. evenly distribute the spinach mixture on top of each oyster. bake for 6 minutes.

7. serve with lemon wedges and hot sauce and enjoy!


# of servings 6
calories: 216
total fat: 17g
cholesterol: 20mg
sodium: 341mg
total carbohydrate: 9g
total sugars: 0g
protein: 11.5g

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