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southwest quinoa taco bowl


southwest quinoa taco bowl

add some southwest to your life with this southwest quinoa taco bowl recipe! everyone loves a good taco bowl! this southwest quinoa taco bowl is healthy, hearty and packed with protein. with plenty of our 50/50 greens mix, veggies and hearty quinoa and black beans, this taco bowl recipe is full of flavor but low in calories and fat! great as a flavorful lunch or healthy dinner choice!

prep time: 15 minutes | cook time: 15 minutes

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4 servings

1 package (5 ounces) organicgirl® 50/50 blend
¾ cup organicgirl® white cheddar dressing, divided
1 cup quinoa
½ teaspoon sea salt
1 can (15 ounces) black beans, rinsed and drained
1 ripe avocado, pitted and sliced
1 large tomato, diced
⅓ cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves


substitute with baby spring mix


1. in a medium saucepan bring quinoa, salt and 1½ cups water to a boil. cover and reduce heat to low. simmer for 15 minutes or until tender.

2. remove from heat, let stand covered for 5 minutes, then fluff with a fork. stir in ½ cup dressing.

3. arrange greens between 4 bowls and evenly distribute quinoa on top. top with black beans, avocado, tomato and cilantro.

4. drizzle each bowl with an additional tablespoon of dressing.

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